Safe Gardening

When gardening it is important to remember that tools, plants, seeds, and bulbs can be dangerous. We have watched the cartoons where the handle of a stepped on rake hits the unsuspecting passer by on the head. We laugh at this, as it seems funny, unless you are the person who gets injured. Fertilisers, weedkillers, and many other gardening products are poisonous as are some plants, bulbs, and seeds. Therefore, they must be stored and marked correctly away from vulnerable people,  particularly children.  

I am aware of a newly married couple bought Tulip bulbs to plant in their renovated garden. The bulbs were in a brown paper bag. Having worked in the garden for an afternoon they prepared a chicken with stuffing to roast for their dinner. They enjoyed their meal and decided to plant the Tulip bulbs that evening. The bulbs could not be found so they retraced their movements. To their horror they realised

what they thought were shallots, which they had chopped up into the stuffing, were in fact the Tulip bulbs.  

Thankfully they were lucky to suffer no adverse reaction to having eaten the Tulip bulbs. They did learn to store gardening products away from the kitchen and to mark the contents on containers.

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