What is a Layered Spring Garden Pot?

A Layered Spring Pot is a large pot containing a variety of Spring flowering bulbs which will flower at different times from January right through to April. The pot is topped with winter flowering bedding plants so will bring colour to your garden, patio, or balcony from end September to end April the following year.

The bulbs are called Spring Flowering Bulbs and the plants are Winter Flowering  but are planted in September for Spring flowering.

I first seen a Layered Spring Garden Pot demonstrated on a television gardening programme in 2016  and have enjoyed producing one every year since.

It is relatively easy to do, has easy steps to follow, using readily available products and materials.

The concept is like making a lasagne with layering the main requirement. However instead of using pasta sheets, bolognaise sauce and a cheese topping to fill a lasagne dish this requires a compost mix, a variety of flowering bulbs and bedding plants layered in a large garden pot.

The pot is prepared, a base layer of compost is added, then the bulbs placed alternating between compost and bulbs to reach an inch at the top to be then covered with the final layer of compost for planting the bedding plants. A step by step guide is contained in this module.   

The pot is placed in a sunny sheltered area that is viewed regularly to bring pleasure and joy to Winter and Spring Days

It is a great sense of satisfaction when you see how nature works with the flowers coming to life in their own time and in  popping up into the air without impeding on each other.

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