What are OER?

What are OER?  

OER is an abbreviation for Open Educational Ressources. You are taking part in a project where you are the expert. You share knowledge that others might not have that you have gathered through life experiences/your profession/etc. The aim is to share this knowledge with others. When these contents are OER more people than usual are able to profit. They are able to share, reproduce and change this knowledge. Imagine how many people could profit from that!

Link to video on what OER are.

How to find OER?

Now, that you know what OER are, you’d probably like to know how to find them yourself.

Here are some pages, where OER are published.

How to use OER?

OER are, most of the time, high-quality educational resources. It’s probably best to use these to back up your own content, rather than replacing your content with OER.

How to create OER?

To create your own OER, first check your own content for anything published under a license. If something is, you can’t publish it without the corresponding license. Therefore the rule is: When publishing your own OER, none of the licenses of the corresponding materials shall be dropped.

How to share OER?

The purpose of OER is sharing and spreading learning materials. To spread these effectively, you should share them on the appropriate websites.

Here are some pages where you can share your OER.


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