In 1996, the band The Smashing Pumpkins released their music video for the song “Tonight, Tonight”. The video got a lot of attention. Not only because of the fantastic song, but also because in the video the band picked up a film by silent film artist Georges Méliès and expanded his story about a trip to the moon.

In his 1902 film “Le Voyage dans la lune” (Eng: The Voyage to the Moon), Méliès tells the story of a trip to the moon by six astronauts. The group is celebrated as they leave Earth and then are shot to the moon in a capsule. When they go to sleep after their journey, they are discovered by the celestials to be intruders and eventually have to flee.

The film is captivating because of the beautiful drawings, the costumes, and the ability to tell a story despite the lack of sound. Méliès films still inspire people today, as we can see from the Smashing Pumpkins video.

In this chapter, we give a brief introduction to video. We give suggestions on how you can use your resources to convey your content. Similar to Méliès, you don’t need the most modern and sophisticated tools, but simply your smartphone!


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