Magic of a Layered Pot

Over the years I have enjoyed watching gardening programmes on TV. Taking cuttings, planting seeds, replanting seedlings, sowing vegetable and flowers are often featured. I have learned about so many new plants and ways for caring for them.  

Several years ago, one of these programmes demonstrated how to plant a Layered Spring Flowering pot. I was fascinated with how so many different varieties of bulbs and plants could be grown in one large pot to produce flowers at different times throughout Spring. The programme explained what materials are required, showed the planting process from start to finish. With the power of television, the programme could show the pot flowering in the Spring.

I have planted up a Layered Spring Flowering Pot each year since I first seen it on the gardening programme. In Autumn the buying of the materials, bulbs and plants, the preparation of the pot and planting of the layered bulbs and plants allows me focus on the upcoming Spring. The planted pot is a joy to view throughout the Winter. The beauty when the bulbs bloom is magical and remains for months throughout the Spring. A vision on a cold damp early Spring day to the golden glow on a sunny warm late Spring day.      


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