These questions should be answered when creating videos

We live in a world where we humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, so educational films need to win viewers over with the story. The content of educational films must grab the viewer’s attention, be useful and convincing. Short, concise snack content combined with explanatory graphics, images is the perfect choice to stay in the viewer’s mind.

The most important step is to clear the purpose of creating the video.

  • Is a video the right way to bring the content closer?

The next questions concern the topic of video recording.

  • Did I keep the camera steady while filming?
  • Did I take care not to zoom in while filming?
  • Is the subject properly lit?
  • Have I made sure that the image is sharp?
  • Have I taken care to shoot the image in the ratio of the golden section?
  • Have I chosen a suitable exposure size?
  • Did I avoid noise?

If you now have the answers to these questions, you can better plan and implement your educational videos. Good luck!


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