Digital or smartphone camera? – that is the question

There are a lot of different tools to take pictures. The most common are digital cameras and smartphones. Both have pros and cons.

Photo of Banz, taken with a digital camera

The digital camera is your camera of choice when you want to take high quality photos and when photography is a serious hobby. One of the disadvantages of digital cameras is that they quickly become outdated. Nonetheless, a good camera will stay with you for a long time. You can print out the photos as well as keeping them on your computer.

The advantage of having the photos on your computer is that you can alter them with an editing software. Another advantage is that you can look at the pictures before you get them printed. Simply use the USB cable to upload them on your computer.

Photo of Banz, taken with a Smartphone

Nowadays we use smartphones to take most pictures of our everyday lives.

This is mostly out of convenience, as we take our phones everywhere with us. You can look at the photo before it gets printed or even decide whether to keep it or delete it. The quality of smartphone pictures varies quite a lot, depending on the phone itself. Getting the photos on to your computer is just as easy as with a digital camera: simply use the USB cable that came with your smartphone.

The tool with which we can take a photo is now clarified. Let’s look at the steps, the rules or the framework that define a good photo.


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