The structure of this course

Below we present the structure of the SenGuide course. The structure of the course can be divided into four parts that build on each other. The picture below illustrates this.

Learning unit “Before you start”

We start here, in the learning unit “Before you start”. Here we give you the basic knowledge you need for the course.

  • How is the course structured?
  • What are the topics of this course?

Module 1: Writing

This Modul contains 4 Learning Units, that build on each other.

This module, like every one in this course, starts with an introductory learning unit. This is basically a summary of the module – at the beginning of the module. This is where you are told the plan for the module. The other three learning units build on this. We start with writing itself, then learn how to write online content and end with a unit on writing for an e-Learning module.

Module 2: Presenting content

There are three learning units in this module. From writing we now move on to presenting the content. If we want to convey knowledge, this is no longer possible without media. Be it pictures, videos or audio recordings. In this module we give an overview and there are three optional excursions.

The module also deals with topics such as data protection and OER.

Module 3: Implementing content

Finally, we look at how to enter your content. We show you how to create and edit a course. The content is supported by screencasts, i.e. videos that explain the editing steps.


Course: Before you start

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