The Orphans’ Diet on Board Ship

By Averil Staunton

The Medical Officer would have been busy, catering to the needs of the girls as a

lot of them who were being fed properly, maybe for the first time in years, might

have suffered trauma had from stress and years of loss and emotional turmoil.

Most of them who had never had a period, which had been suppressed from lack

of a balanced diet, started to ovulate for the first time. As the girls and sailors were

in such close proximity on board ship, Matron and her team would have needed

eyes at the back of their heads to keep them apart.

If the girls had all behaved themselves during the day, at evening time when the

lanterns were lit around the deck, one might hear the sound of laughter, as they

enjoyed a short time before retiring singing, dancing, playing games and gossiping

among themselves and remembering their families or friends they left at hoe at the





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