The most used video formats

There are many different video formats, which is why we have reduced them down to the most important ones. As with the photo, there are also different formats in which videos can be saved. These can usually be identified by the abbreviation at the end of the file name.

Knowing in which format in which to save an image is important, but knowing the right video format is essential. If you save it under the correct file format from the start, you’ll save yourself a lot of effort afterwards. What is the best video format for your content? Unfortunately, the question of the best video format cannot be answered quite so simply. But don’t worry, with the following information you will quickly find the most suitable video format for your purposes.

Video FormatBrief descriptionBest use
.mp4You have probably already heard of the mp3 format. This is from the same family. In mp4 format, videos can be saved in mostly high quality without taking up much space.mp4 was developed for use on systems with lower processing power (e.g. smartphones) and narrow bandwidths.
.wmvAgain, good quality videos can be saved without taking up much space. However, this format is not that common.This format is especially popular on the Internet.
.webmIt saves a lot of space, WebM is touted as the most forward-looking file format.WebM is also ideal for the Internet and is especially popular on websites.
.movIt comes from Apple and is based on their standard.The advantages here are the high quality and relatively small data size. However, a lot of computing power is needed for processing. Therefore, the format is mainly used in the professional and semi-professional sector.


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