• Curiosity as to how this layered pot works and a wiliness to try. No previous Knowledge or Experience are required.
  • Skills –  there are no challenging skills needed. If you are not confident in using a drill to put holes in the base of the pot, use a pot that already has holes in the base. Alternately have somebody drill holes for you.
  • Time – it will take approximately an hour and a half to prepare and fill the pot. Time for buying the pot, compost, bulbs, and plants will be different for each individual. 
  • Shopping – Purchasing the varieties of bulbs that you choose plus the other items needed.
  • Aftercare – watering, feeding, deadheading, and admiring is all that is required.
  • Transplanting – when the pot has finished flowering, at the end of April, the bulbs and plants can be moved into a garden and hopefully will flower there the following Spring. Generally, bulbs particularly Tulips, will not flower again in pots so moving them gives them another change to flourish. 

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