Recording Audio

To record something, click the record button. As soon as you do this, the record button will change into the pause button: a white button with two red vertical parallel stripes.

At the same time, the numbers will start to change. If you want to pause the recording, click the Pause button and if you want to stop the recording completely, click the Stop button.

As soon as you click the stop button, the recorded audio will be saved and moved to the designated area. To listen to the audio recording click the left icon in the upper left area. This will take us to your Audio Library. If you want to change the name of an audio recording, click the recording and a new window will open. You can now choose between different options (Play, Rename, Delete, Send/Share…, Upload to Dropbox, Upload to Google Drive, Resume, Open with…). If you click on “Rename” you can change the name of the recording.

If you want to set the format the audio file should be recorded in, click the Format Settings options in the Main Area. The most common formats are mp3, wav and ogg/vorbis. These are also the formats we recommend you use. Before recording, tap the format you want to use.


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