Location of the Layered Spring Garden Pot

Move the pot into your desired location in a sunny position on your patio, balcony, at your entrance or in your garden. Any space where you can see your Spring Flowering Layered Pot and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

  • Water the pot, once a week, if the winter is particularly dry.
  • Feed the pot with the liquid fertiliser once a month through the growing season. Following the instructions on the product.
  • When a plant has flowered, dead heading, helps to continue the flowering time. This means removing wasted / finished flowers by snipping off with scissors or secateurs. This allows new buds to grown into strong flowers.
  • When the pot has stopped producing flowers, usually in May, the plants can be relocated in a garden as bedding plants to flower the following year.  

Now enjoy the magic as your Spring Flowers show their glory, in sequence, throughout the months.

Each bulb variety sharing the pot space allowing the other bulbs their time in the sun.


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