Currently, the newly created course is still empty, i.e. it already contains some information (title, description, language), but no lessons yet. Next, we will add a lesson to the course.

Just like for courses, there is a link in the Dashboard for the Lessons content type. When you select the content type, you will again see an overview of the lessons that already exist, as well as the button that says “Add New”. Click this button to create a new lesson. After the click the editor for the new lesson will open.

The editor for creating and editing lessons looks very similar to the editor for the courses. Just like when you were editing the course, you will first add a title to the lesson. Then check if the language setting for the lesson is correct.

The first lesson

A description can also be added for lessons. The description is optional and appears in the course overview along with the lesson title. For lessons, there is a separate text field for this description in the “What is this lesson about?” section.


Track: Module 3: Implementing content
Course: M3 Unit 2 – Creating online content in the learning platform

Course instructors

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