Course Development: The WordPress-Dashboard

The SenGuide course platform consists of two areas:

  1. the public area (the publicly visible website for all internet users).
  1. the internal area (the editorial system for the course development and the administration of all content)

To gain access to the editorial system, a user account must have the required access rights. Learners can also log in to the SenGuide website with an account, but they are only allowed to participate in the published courses and do not have permission to create their own courses.

When you log in to the SenGuide website and have permission to create your own courses, a black bar with additional information and links will appear at the top of the screen after you log in. This is the  Admin Bar. You can check that you are logged in with the correct account when the editorial system welcomes you with your user name at the top right of the “Admin Bar”.

Admin Bar


Track: Module 3: Implementing content
Course: M3 Unit 1 – General information about the SenGuide course platform and the editorial system

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