Insert audio data

If you want to enrich your content with audio data, you should know not only the useful formats but also the various possibilities for integration. Here you will learn three options.

Insert audio as a link
The simplest option is to reference the audio file via hyperlink. Text or an image is linked to the audio file. If the user clicks on this link, the browser starts the audio player and the audio file is played.

Playing back audio files via a player
In this case, an audio player is realised, e.g. by using HTML5, and integrated into the website. The player loads the audio file and plays it. The graphical interface of the player allows the user to control the output. This is also the case of our learning platform, where your content is implemented.

Insert audio as background music
You can also have your audio material played automatically. However, please note the following with this variant: It is not part of the current standard. Browsers require different ways of implementation, so that the online author needs additional HTML knowledge here.


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