How to record video

Nowadays you can record videos on many different devices, including digital cameras, but videos can also be made with the help of a smartphone.

Recording videos with a digital camera: Most digital cameras offer the ability to record a video. Take a close look at the menu of your digital camera, where you will probably find a button to record.

Recording videos with a webcam: A webcam is a small camera which is usually already built into your laptop.

Recording videos with a smartphone: Nowadays, most videos are recorded with a smartphone. What are the advantages of recording a video with a smartphone?

  1. It is easy to record a video with a smartphone.
  2. Videos recorded on a smartphone can be uploaded to the Internet directly.
  3. Videos recorded on a smartphone are easy to edit.

Most smartphones have pre-installed apps, mostly the camera, that you can use to make videos. The record button is usually red and round.


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