H5P (https://h5p.org/) is a free and open source software for creating interactive learning and teaching content. Users interact with these instead of consuming them unilaterally. Examples are: Cloze texts, drag & drop, interactive videos or online memory. The different content types can be combined with each other to create a variety of teaching and learning content.

H5P learning modules can be created directly in SenGuide’s editorial system and then inserted into the desired lessons via code. Once created, H5P content can be downloaded and reused if desired. No programming or technical knowledge is required.

H5P modules can be added via the dashboard. To do this, open the “H5P Content” menu item and then either select one of the existing content types, or switch the view from “Create Content” to “Upload” and upload an externally created content there.

Adding a H5P element

The language of a H5P module can be changed under the option “Text overrides and translations”.

Selecting the language of the H5P element


Track: Module 3: Implementing content
Course: M3 Unit 2 – Creating online content in the learning platform

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