Characteristics of E-Learning

Characteristics of E-Learning

In this pandemic, E-Learning has been the backbone of education. It gave schools the opportunity to continue to teach and universities the chance to help students in their studies. But, as most parents and their children as well as students realized soon, it also has some downsides. Have a look at the picture down below, that shows the pros and cons of learning online.

Maybe you can think of some pros and cons, too?

E-Learning: pros & cons

Roles in online learning

In every online learning scenario, there are different roles. In this course, you are the learner, meaning your role is centered around learning. However, later on, you yourself are tasked with becoming a creator (tutor and author) of online content. Here is a short breakdown of the different roles and their tasks:

The authorComing up with ideas, Planning the learning process, Thinking of concepts etc., Producing the content
The tutorBeing a bridge between learners and course creators, Motivate participants
The participantDecide when you learn, on your own, Decide where you learn, Decide how deep you want to delve into a topic
Roles and tasks in online courses

Keep these different tasks in mind, as they will help you when you create your own content later on!


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