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In the first module, we talked about writing texts. We started small with talking about shopping lists and to-do lists and gradually worked our way up to more challenging texts and stories. We hope that you have already created a suitable structure for your story and of course that your text or most of the text components have already been written.

But something seems to be missing… On their own, our texts, our stories seem so … naked. Also, some of the explanations seem hard to understand as they are right now. Ah! Of course! What is currently missing are media elements that could jazz up our content!

In this module we will help you to identify which parts of your knowledge will be best served by text, voice, video or image. We help you to present your texts accordingly and to find a suitable combination of text and multimedia elements. But not only that, we also give you orientation, e.g. what to consider when using images for copyright protection and more.

Our friend, Mr. Pen, will guide us through the sections of this second module, too.

Mr. Pen is our friendly guide!

This second module, the PRESENTING module, is divided into 2 parts. Each part will comprise of some background information, some tips and advice, and a number of reflections.


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