Topping Off with Spring Bedding Plants

  • When all the  bulbs have been placed in the pot and the last layer of compost has covered them the top of the pot is then ready to be planted up with the  Winter Flowering Plants.
  • These plants  can be Cyclamen, Violas, Pansy, Heathers, Ornamental Peppers, Small Shrubs with Berries  and Polyanthus.
  • Plants are available in Garden Shops, Garden Centres, and some supermarkets.
  • Garden Shops and Garden Centers would be more specialised and stock a wide range of these plants. Staff are generally very knowable about their stack and willing to share their expertise.
  • Some Supermarkets carry a smaller range of plants  for a short period of time. Staff may not have an in depth knowledge of plants and may not be able to advise about them.  
  • When purchased the plants, in their small pots, should be placed in a bucket of water overnight to ensure that they are well watered prior to planting.
  • When removed from their individual pots some plants may be pot bound. This means that the roots of the pant have grown tightly around the base of the plant making it very compacted. If this is the case, gently tease out some of the external roots without breaking or damaging them. This will help the plant spread their roots and absorb water when planted into the larger pot. 
  • To plant make a small groove in the last layer of compost at the top of the large pot and above the bulbs laying beneath. Gently place the plant into the grove and firm it in place by drawing the loosened compost back around the plant. Tuck the plant into place. Repeat this process until all your chosen plants are in place. It is best to have the top layer full so 5/6 plants will ensure this. Fill any gaps between the plants with additional compost to ensure they are well firmed in place.
  • Water in by pouring water around the base of each plant. Excess water will drain away though the holes at the base of the large pot.  

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