Where to buy Spring Bulbs and Winter Flowering Plants

  1. Bulbs and Plants are available in Garden Shops, Garden Centers, and some supermarkets.
  • Garden Shops and Garden Centers are more specialised and stock a wide range of bulbs and plants. Staff are generally very knowable about their stock and willing to share their expertise.
  • Some Supermarkets carry a smaller range of bulbs and plants for a short period of time. Staff may not have an in depth knowledge of plants and may not be able to advise about them. 
  • In Supermarkets bulbs and plants are rarely sold individually. 
  • In Garden Shops and Garden Centers bulbs are sold individually or in small bags of mixed bulbs .
  • Having bulbs and plants available to purchase individually gives more opportunity to choose different colours or varieties of bulbs and plants which can add interest to the Layered Pot.
  • Buying larger quantities of bulbs and plants may mean that you get them cheaper. However, you should have place to plant them or else share the excess with family and friends.
  • Be mindful of the quality of the bulbs and plants and where they have been sourced.
  • Ensure that bulbs are firm to the touch and that plants have not wilted due to a lack of care.

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