Writing your module content


You have now practiced your writing skills and even thought and practiced using writing skills online. Over the weeks of writing, you have also thought about your topic, the class/module you are going to teach, the experience you are going to share. You will impart your knowledge in a new way:

  • First, it will be online, so you will have access to many different media to support your course.
  • Second, you will be sharing experience and knowledge with your peers, not teaching a class of young pupils.

As we have seen in the previous modules, your audience, your students, your readers are at the heart of your course, these are the people you are talking to, you have even created personae for them. Let us always keep them in mind!

In this section, you will build your module, reflecting on what you want to impart, collecting material, writing everything in Word on your computer (of course you can start on paper – we all do!) before you start moving the module online and adding different media. Structuring your topic is very important. Let’s take a closer look at this aspect in the next steps.